How to find the right sprinklers for your garden!



How to find the right sprinklers for your garden!

How to find the right sprinklers for your garden!

Having a garden is something wonderful, you have an amazing place to relax and share beautiful moments with your loved ones, and the process of creating and taking care of it, is also relaxing and rewarding, and it is a lot of hard work too!, depending of the size and type of the garden.


One of the most important task when we have a garden is watering, and this task can be a little bit hard and complicated, since we need to water each plant accordingly with its needs and location, and if our garden is big, this task becomes even harder, for that reason there are sprinklers available, to help us to keep our garden healthy and beautiful.


How to choose the right sprinklers for your garden

There are several types of sprinklers, drip, pop-ups, rotor or soak -like the ones that carpet cleaners– use which one use?, well there are some things you must have in consideration to help you choose.


  1. First, you should know your water pressure, some sprinklers that spray farther require more pressure for example.
  2. Second, know how much water do you need, lawns need full water and they require rotor sprinklers which cover large areas uniformly, in the other hand, flower beds may need spray pop-ups sprinklers.
  3. Third, take in count the area, large areas like lawns, need rotor sprinklers, small areas or with contours need pop-ups sprinklers which water just where it is needed, take in count the weather conditions of the area tonne watered, the wind can detour the water and if it rains you may want to acquire a sensor to connect with the sprinklers so they can stop working in rainy days.
  4. Fourth, use drip sprinklers when you want to water only specific plants or sections, some areas in our garden may have sections with plants that need a lot of water and other sections with plants that require small amounts of water, the drip sprinklers, consisting of a hose or tube with holes strategically placed, can water only where you need and leave other areas, like pavement for example, without water.
  5. Fifth, the soak sprinklers are similar to drip sprinklers, they consists of a hose that is permeable and let water go out uniformly throughout the length of it, this allow you to water non large areas, in very precise way and has the advantage that you  don’t water the foliage, only roots, since some plants can be damaged if they are watered from the top, this is a great solution, besides this type of sprinklers and the drip sprinklers both helps to save water and to be environmentally friendly.