How to get rid of those ugly brown spots in your grass



How to get rid of those ugly brown spots in your grass

How to get rid of those ugly brown spots in your grass

Gardening is always a pleasure and enjoy a beautiful garden or an amazing green lawn is the best, specially during those open air activities with the family, you can pridefully show the fruit of your hard work, but sometimes unexpected things happen and suddenly, despite all our effort, some ugly brown spots appear in our lovely grass, why?, and even more important, how to get rid of them?


Some causes and solutions


These are some causes and recommendations to keep your lawn free of brown spots




You may have a beautiful kitchen, maybe you hired a company like those you see in the ads to get an amazing kitchen countertop you totally love to use, but sometimes you may want to enjoy a meal in your beautiful garden using the cozy and lovely furniture you have there, that’s amazing, but you must be aware that garden furniture can cause brown spots in your grass.


The weight, the constant use can damage the grass and the soil, besides they avoid the sunlight your grass need, to prevent this and helping to  repair the damage you should move your furniture once in a while to give some rest to the area it is usually placed.




You absolutely love your beautiful and amazing dog, and it is a real pleasure to watch him play, run in your yard, he is so happy there!, but he can be affecting your grass causing brown spots with his urine, blame the nitrogen it has.


You can have both the dog and the garden with some work, you can train your dog to go to toilet in an non visible area, you also must provide him plenty water to make his urine less toxic and keep him hydrated.


Pests and plants diseases


Maybe the problem causing those horrible brown spots is a plant disease or bugs, these are bad news, but there are good news too, nowadays there are many products either organic or synthetic that can disappear those pests and heal your grass from any disease.


You just need to look for information online or hire a specialized company to help you.




You use your mower to keep your yard nice and beautiful, but it can be causing damages too even if you’re not aware of that, if the blades of your mower are dull, they can tear and damage instead of making clean cuts, to avoid this, constantly check your mower’s blades and once in a while take it to preventive maintenance to keep its blades sharp.


Other recommendations


Keep your yard watered, use an irrigation system that water all your yard uniformly.


Don’t over fertilize, too much of something good can be bad, so get yourself informed about the proper amount of fertilizer you should use.


Don’t be afraid to hire specialized service companies, they can help you in many ways.