Mulching What is it? and Benefits



Mulching What is it? and Benefits

Mulching What is it? and Benefits

The grass clippings of our garden, are almost always discarded. These tiny pieces of organic material get picked up by the cutting machines and later get deposited in large bags that end up in organic waste. All this entails expenditure of energy and also money.

The system known as mulching is an alternative that helps us in an attempt of taking advantage of this organic waste. This is precisely what this system does, crushing the cut grass creating a mulch, that is, a layer in the upper part of the soil, formed by the decomposition of organic matter. This form of cutting + crushing is also known as BioClip and provides several advantages for both the lawn of the garden and the person who performs the task.

In order to leave the remains of the mowing on the lawn, we need to crush the cut leaves so that they lose moisture more quickly, decompose and integrate as organic matter, so we will need mowers specially designed for this purpose.

In principle leaving the mowing remains on the lawn if we do it well is beneficial, they are 85% water, when dehydrated they are decomposed by the aerobic bacteria and added to the soil in the form of organic matter.

This organic matter will provide Nitrogen among other benefits, since grass clippings have up to 5% N, in addition this layer of organic matter that is created has other advantages, such as water retention (avoids evapotranspiration). Also Contributes to 25% of the nutritional needs of the lawn in general.


Advantages and Benefits of Mulching

*Less effort during cutting, collecting and composting, since it is not necessary to collect the remains of the grass cut.

*Provides up to 50% of the fertilization and fertilization that the grass needs, through the organic decomposition of the remains of the mulching, reducing in half the need to provide nutrients independently.

*The content of soil mulch increases approximately 2% in 2-3 years, which corresponds to 250kg of peat / 100m2.

*The remains of mulching contain a large amount of water, providing moisture to the lawn, which saves on irrigation and hydrates the grass for longer.

*Given the great power of crushing, the remains of grass are not visible on the garden, so that its appearance will be the same as if we had used a dustpan or rake.

*Triturates dry leaves and remains of foliage without problems, without the need to collect them beforehand.