Top 4 tips to keep your garden in great shape



Top 4 tips to keep your garden in great shape

Top 4 tips to keep your garden in great shape

Having a beautiful garden is a joy but it can also represent a lot of work. This may be the first time you have to take care of a garden and do not know very well where to start. Do not get overwhelmed! Follow these 4 tips to keep your garden in great shape without much effort.


  1. keep restricted to your most aggressive plants: you need to know which plants have underground roots that can spread to all the corners under your garden. To corral these underground plants, cut the bottom of a plastic pot and put this “collar” around your plant, pushing the pot into the surrounding soil. If, on the other hand, your most aggressive plants grow out of the ground, it is best to plant them away from the garden and monitor their growth.


  1. know the conditions that favor your plants: some plants such as camellias and gardenias prefer soils with oh-acids. For them you can water your land a couple of times a month with coffee or tea. Other plants such as azaleas grow better in the shade. Some need you to water them without wetting their leaves. The better you know your garden, the better you can take care of it.


  1. Do a thorough cleaning of your garden in fall: the idea is that the new leaves that grow in spring are not affected by some diseases that may be in your garden. An easy way to minimize the damage is to remove the diseased leaves during the fall. You can also tear off the diseased branches before winter so bacteria won’t grow during the season. Easy and useful!


  1.  Give space to your plants: many of us dream of a dense garden with many plants of different species side by side, but not all of our plants are able to survive that way. By planting many plants together we put them to compete for light, nutrients and water, in addition to creating a humid environment that favors the growth of diseases. The best thing for the health of our plants is to properly space our garden and periodically trim the dry branches, diseased leaves and crowded plants.


Remember that these tips are general. To take proper care of your plants and your garden you should look for information on the type of attention you should give depending on the climate and the type of soil you have, the time you can spend on the ground, and even your pets. All these factors affect the health and growth of your plants and you must know them, but the secret of to keep your garden in great shape is dedication and attention!